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Prioritizing Safe RC Flying

If you don't have large, open private property, ARCS' Harold Cannon Field is the perfect spot for flying your model plane. We only allow safe RC flying here, sticking to AMA requirements. Contact us in San Antonio, Texas, for more information.

Safety Rules & Other Topics for AMA & ARCS

The Rules on this page fully comply with AMA requirements and apply to all persons flying at the ARCS Harold Cannon Field. However, we have had some incidents at the field that the club officers thought required some additional clarification.


As is true with successful safety programs, the safety precautions to be practiced during model flying must be reasonable and not impose an undue burden on the modeler. That is, the extra effort should not cause a reduction in enjoyment of the activity. However, if safety rules are not observed, injury and property damage could result. A good safety program can actually increase the overall enjoyment of model flying by helping to remove concerns for personal safety.

This safety program represents a collection of information from the AMA rulebook, various publications, and members of ARCS. The safety program acts as a reminder to all modelers that modern airplanes possess the potential to inflict economic damage and bodily harm. The potential for destruction can be the result of equipment failure or from pilot error. In either event, the possibility of injury or property damage is minimized when the safety rules are observed.

Use Of the Flying Field

Without exception, all flyers must hold a current AMA license and must comply with one of the following requirements:

1. They are a member of the ARCS in good standing.

2. They are a bona fide guest of an ARCS member. The ARCS member must accompany the guest to the field. Guests shall never be given the combination to the field locks. Each accompanied guest may visit and use the flying field on two different days, after which the guest is expected to become a member. Special circumstances may result in exceptions to this rule if approved by a vote of the membership.

3. Transient personnel (those who will be in the area less than 180 total days) may fly at the field for a monthly charge of $5 and an initial charter fee of $10.

4. Contest participants can fly in their contest.

Provisions for Enforcement

A. General - The flying safety officer will have the authority to temporarily ground an individual if they believe that the aircraft is being flown, equipment is being used, or flight conduct is not in accordance with this safety program. It is the responsibility of each member to support the safety officer's decisions.

1. A flyer can be grounded for 1 month by a unanimous vote of the board of directors or a 2/3 vote of the club members who are present at the meeting.

B. Penalties - The flying safety officer can ground any individual for the remainder of the flying day. This can also be done on the basis of equipment condition, repeated violation of flying procedures, inability to provide proofs of AMA license, or the use of alcohol.

2. A flyer can be grounded for longer periods than 1 month or voted out of the club for repeated or serious violations. A 2/3 vote of the club membership who are present at the meeting is required.